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Rodney E. Bass and James M. Stone are two artists that came together in 2000 and formed a glass and metal shop. James who has been trained in Glass blowing and Rodney in metal work put together designs of the most fabulous art. They have entered their work in public art. 3 consecutive pieces for the Port of San Diego. They make custom sculptures of all sorts to the customers request. This is the process, the liquid crystal quality of water, (which resembles that of glass) and the never-ending study of the strange and wonderful creatures that lived with in it became a life long passion. Creating illusions of underwater environments in glass, copper and steel, infuses the work with the life-force energy of fire and forge. It’s our hope that as the viewer becomes lost in the sight, sound and feel of the work, they become gently charged with that same life-force energy, while still experiencing the peaceful relaxing sense of visiting a strange and wonderful underwater world.

WorkIng with an initial design, somewhat like an architect creates the initial drawings of a building. Then we deconstruct the design to develop a plan of action to create the piece. In all cases the work begins at the glory hole with the glass making part of the project happening first. Once the glass pieces are completed, inspected and tagged for the specific art piece, we move the pieces to the metal shop and begin to create the metal substructure. Depending on whether we are using steel, or copper, we forge the metal into the shape necessary to support the glass elements. Once the metal has been roughed in, we grind all joints smooth and prepare the surface for the final finish. Once the metal is sealed, thin coats of various pigments are layered on to the surface to achieve the desired underwater effect. After all individual elements are completely prepared; they are assembled into the finished piece.

Beverly Hills Affair in the Garden
Beverly Hills Mayors Choice Award 
Indian Wells Arts Festival
Fiesta Hermosa Beach  

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